Optilia Instruments Providing Support for Capillaroscopy Workshops

Optilia is proud to play a leading role in many workshops such as one recently organised and held at Hamburg-Eppendorf University Hospital, where around fifteen delegates were lead by leading experts Dr Christof Iking-Konert and Dr Oliver Sander using the latest Optilia Capillaroscopy System.

The search for the earliest possible diagnosis and distinct (ideally individualised) therapies, are essential tasks for the rheumatologist. Increasingly we have the possibility of making direct investigations on already affected joints using techniques such as MRI or Arthrosonography. However with capillarocopy, (the use of especially adapted microscopes that makes capillary vascular patterns in the nailfold visible), a method exists that allows the direct assessment of functional, in vivo vessels. This provides better mapping, definition and prognosis of diseases and can serve as a primary diagnosis. Also, following the course of modern therapies, e.g. for the treatment of digital ulcers, with careful capillaroscopy practice, documentation and evaluation, can show if they are suitable and effective.

Therefore it is important that colleagues who use capillaroscopy and/ or care for patients with systemic diseases, apply the same standards in the application, evaluation and communication of capillaroscopy. Workshops are an essential method of providing education for these increasingly used methods.


Capillaroscopy Workshop Hamburg, October 2012

Published: 10/17/2012