Optilia instruments is an innovative Swedish company specializing in high quality visual systems. We deliver imaging solutions for applications, where reliability, precision and picture clarity are essential requirements!

By creating imaging solutions for the medical field with emphasis on great ergonomic design, excellence in optics and imaging quality, Optilia Instruments have succeeded in becoming the preferred supplier for Capillaroscopy solutions in Europe.

Optilia's Dermatoscopy systems combine cutting-edge digital video technology with easy-to-use powerful intelligent software. Examining, measuring, comparing, filing and reporting functions are designed to making meetings between patients and doctors reliable, hassle-free and efficient.

Our Full High Definition camera systems are successfully deployed in hospitals and laboratories around the world for inspection of body implants such as stents, balloons and pacemakers where there is no tolerance for failure.

The company was established in 2002 by a team with many years of experience in design, engineering, manufacturing and sales of technical products. Optilia's customers are found within various fields such as healthcare, medtech, cosmetics, electronics manufacturing, machinery, process and biotech. Others are universities, maintenance companies and forensic science.

All design, manufacturing, quality control and testing of equipment is done in Sollentuna, Sweden. A significant part of the company's earnings is re-invested in research and development of customer oriented solutions, which has yielded success over the past years. Optilia is presented through its fully trained distributor network in more than 25 countries.