Assembling implant devices, examining nailfold capillaries or assessing melanomas have all one thing in common: the need for making small details clearly visible for better-informed decisions.

Optilia imaging systems are characterized by:

State-of-the-art video imaging technology combined with intelligent user-friendly software
Robust and reliable design
Ergonomic and easy to operate
Excellent image quality
Wide range of extra lenses, illuminations, stands and other accessories
Cost effective in the investment and operation

Optilia medical products are designed for:

Nailfold video capillaroscopy
Digital video dermatoscopy
Optical (Full HD) inspection and quality control of body implants such as stents, balloons and pacemakers
Optical (Full HD) inspection and quality control of products, items and parts within medtech and healtcare
Non-contact dimensional measurements, image documentaion and archiving.  
Research and development