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  • HD Camera

    • 1. How to connect?

      To connect the W20x-HD with PCI-frame grabber and External PC please see the following document: How to connect HD cameras.

    • 2. The live image is flickering. What to do?

      The flickering is due to mains frequency. Depending on where the system is used different setups is needed to avoid flickering. The following settings is recommended:

      1080/50i OR 720/50p for Europe
      1080/59.94i OR 720/59.94p for US

      For further information on how to specify the settings see the instructions document.

    • 3. I have no image with the frame grabber. What to do?
      Please refer to the following support document for further informations and instructions. If you are still getting trouble having live image, please feel free to contact us.
  • Mediscope

    • 1. How should the lens be connected to the Mediscope?

      The lens can be connected to the Mediscope easily by pushing in the lens to the Mediscope. The red dot on the lens should be at same direction with the trigger button on the Mediscope. If the lens connected wrong position, the LED's won't light up.

  • OptiPix

    • 1. Whare are the system requirements for OptiPix?
      Please see the related document in the Downloads section
    • 2. The image color and quality are not accurate\representive\good. What to do?
      Click to Device Properties in OptiPix and set default values. If you are not satisfied with the default values you adjust the properties. Please refer to the OptiPix User Manual for more information.
    • 3. The Mediscope image is not visible in OptiPix. What to do?

      Check the Mediscope connected to the PC and recognized. In OptiPix make sure that correct device is selected. Please refer to OptiPix user manual for further information. If you are still getting trouble having live image, please feel free to contact us.

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