Optilia services

We understand the importance of trouble-free use of Optilia instruments in your operations. From the moment you purchase an Optilia product, you can count on our professional customer support program.

Optilia offers a number of services to ensure that your equipment works as intended. In spite of our careful selection of high quality components, units may need repair and calibration over time.
Customer services and support:

  • User training sessions held on Customers' request
  • Calibration of cameras and microscopes
  • Hardware and software support to users
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Repair of faulty units
  • Extended warranty policies
  • System hardware and software upgrades

What are you looking at?

Optilia Instruments can deliver a system that give you the best match for the inspection task you want to achieve.

For the best performance there are many choices to make; camera type, magnifcation, working distance, subject lighting and mechanical support...

... so please provide us with a few basic facts as follows.

  • What? _______________, Example: small metalic parts
  • Why? _______________, Example: fine mechanical assembly
  • Where? _______________, Example: clean assembly area

Please contact our service department for more information: services@optilia.eu
Download "Return goods" form for service and repair here.