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UV Fluorescent Ring-Light

UV Fluorescent Ring-Light set, f 66mm
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UV Fluorescent Ring-Light set, f 66mm

Product No. OP-006 381

This fluorescence ring-light creates a flicker-free ultra violet illumination. Thanks to its highfrequency control and high quality bulb the ring-light ensures high intensity and very homogenous illumination of the objects.

The UV bulb can be easily replaced by a white (daylight) bulb if required. UV-radiation is in the range of UV-A (320 - 400 nm). Direct contact with the eyes shall therefore be avoided. UV protection glasses must be used when working with this illuminator.  

Included Items when you purchase OP-006 381:
  • Fluorescent UV Ring-Light Ø 66mm mounting hole
  • Control unit
  • Power supply and Mains cable 

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