The software has been developed with emphasis on time efficiency considering workflow and user-friendliness. The idea is to have a fast learning curve for new users but also to maximize the workflow for an experienced user.


Database Encrypted

Database secured with encryption

Optipix Dermatoscopy software is built on manage cases to archive and analysis dermatoscopy images.  All the data is safely stored into an encrypted database.   The database manager includes a powerful search function for easy access of specific patient information and patient examinations. The database can be located either locally or on the network.


The system includes a sophisticated imaging platform for body mapping of lesions. The user may link dermatoscopy images to either a predefined body map or to a macro image. All the spots will be marked with a circle. The focus has been on to visualize the locations of the suspicious moles in an easy and accessible way.

Body Map

Body mapping also with macro images


Most standard DSLR cameras can be used together with the software. While the camera is connected, the user can easily capture images which will automatically be transferred to the case. Images can also be important to the case, example from a memory card.


Compare Moles

Same mole compared on four different examinations

One of the advantages of using a video microscope is to store and easily compare follow up images with previous image. By flagging a location as follow up the physician can easily access the lesion the next examination. The follow up image can either be compared with a real time image or up to four captured images side by side. This gives a reliable comparison method where slight variation can be identified and monitored.   



All of the magnifications are pre-calibrated and can be used to measure important dimensions such as area, circumference or diameter.  Each image can be tagged with information such as comments, measurements and other information. All of the data can be saved to later review. The unit is measured in either metric or imperial unit.

The report is created based on dermatoscopy images that the physician has chosen. The report is customizable and changes can be saved as a template to reload for later usages. The user creates the first page which can be viewed as a "table of content"-page for images. All of the chosen images are attached to the report with high resolution and is saved as a .PDF or directly emailed.

The software offers dermatologist additional tools for documenting key data such as anamnesis, current status of the patient and other information for each examination. It is also possible to sign the examination to lock it for any further changes.Read more...